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(Web Services for Remote Portlets) Dynamic plug-ins for portal pages. Officially ratified as an OASIS standard in September 2003, WSRP defines how to plug remote web services into the pages of online portals and other user-facing applications. This allows portal or application owners to easily embed a web service from a third party into a section of a portal page (a 'portlet'). The portlet then displays interactive content and services that are dynamically updated from the provider's own servers. Formerly known as Web Services for Remote Portals, WSRP is closely allied with WSIA (Web Services Interactive Applications). A separate Java standard for portlets is known as JSR 168.

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Useful Web resources:

OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets TC
Home page of the standards committee responsible for WSRP

Portlet Open Source Trading site (POST)
Website set up by a group of portal vendors for sharing portlets based on WSRP or JSR 168


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