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(Web Services Resource Framework) Web services for grid computing. WSRF defines conventions for managing 'state' so that applications can reliably share changing information. In combination with WS-Notification and other WS-* standards, the result is to make grid resources accessible within a web services architecture. Coupled with WS-Notification, the specification is a response to, and supersedes, the grid community's own first effort to converge grid and web services, the Open Grid Service Infrastructure (OGSI), which the Global Grid Forum (GGF) and others released in 2003. Announced by the Globus Alliance and IBM (with contributions from HP, SAP, Akamai, Tibco and Sonic) in January 2004, WSRF is due to be implemented in version 4.0 of the open source Globus Toolkit for grid computing, as well as several commercial packages. It consists of several component specifications, including WS-Resource Properties, WS-ResourceLifetime, WS-ServiceGroup and WS-BaseFaults.

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Useful Web resources:

The WS-Resource Framework
Official web page of WSRF at the Global Alliance website.

Global Grid Forum. Grid collaboration network, responsible for creating the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) and the original OGSI specification.

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