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(Web Services Distributed Management) Model for managing distributed services, as defined by OASIS. Pronounced 'wisdom', WSDM is the name of a committee formed in March 2003 by e-business standards body OASIS, with a remit to create a model for web services management that allows interoperability between multiple environments. Its co-chairs are IBM's Heather Kreger, who chairs the W3C Web Architecture Working Group, and Novell's Winston Bumpus, president of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), a leading industry group in the development of management standards for distributed computing. The first draft of a WSDM specification is due in January 2004.

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Useful Web resources:

OASIS Web Services Distributed Management TC
Official home page of the OASIS technical committee for WSDM

The Distributed Management Task Force
Official website of the DMTF.


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