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(Web Services Security) Standards framework for secure web services, based on SOAP. WS-Security defines additional headers that can be added to a SOAP message to implement integrity and confidentiality in web services applications. It provides a foundation for further security specifications that are under development, including WS-Policy, WS-Trust and WS-Federation. Originally put forward by IBM, Microsoft and Verisign, WS-Security became the responsibility of the OASIS e-business standards body in July 2002.

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Useful Web resources:

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Home page of the OASIS technical committee (TC) in charge of WS-Security.

WS-Security Cover Pages
Links to news and resources on WS-Security.

Security in a Web Services World: A Proposed Architecture and Roadmap
A joint IBM/Microsoft white paper introducing WS-Security, with links to the original specification.


Web Services Security
by Mark O'Neill — Timely introduction to web services security and emerging standards, with advice and examples of implementation strategies. (312 pages, Jan 2003, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media)


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