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(Universal Description Discovery and Integration protocol) A directory model for web services. UDDI is a specification for maintaining standardized directories of information about web services, recording their capabilities, location and requirements in a universally recognized format. Seen (with SOAP and WSDL) as one of the three foundation standards of web services, UDDI is currently the least used.

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UDDI finds a role after all
Two years after the fanfare of its introduction, users are beginning to see UDDI directories filling a practical role ...

Finding a place for UDDI
Although UDDI is routinely cited alongside SOAP and WSDL as the third foundation standard of web services, it is both the least understood and the least often implemented of the three specifications ...

Putting UDDI into context
People have wrongly perceived UDDI as the Google of web services discovery ...

Useful Web resources:
Official home of the UDDI specification.


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