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(Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) Specification for co-ordinating business processes, often known simply as BPEL. Submitted to the OASIS e-business standards body in April 2003 by IBM, Microsoft and others, BPEL4WS brings together previous work on business process composition, including IBM's WSFL and Microsoft's XLANG, and provides a basis for convergence with rival specification BPML. Two related specifications, WS-Coordination and WS-Transaction, were introduced alongside BPEL4WS.

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Useful Web resources:

Web Services Business Process Execution Language TC
Home page of the OASIS technical committee responsible for BPEL4WS

Business Process with BPEL4WS
A collection of articles at IBM's developerWorks site, giving guidance and examples of how to use BPEL4WS to build processes.

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Fast facts on BPEL4WS 1.1 and its submission to OASIS, by orchestration vendor Collaxa.


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