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Loosely Coupled — connecting with web services

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Weak governance haunts SOAs

Jun 6th 2005 feature article: Practical experience is driving one critical requirement to the top of the agenda: the need for strong governance over developers. ... read more

Governance rules

Jul 12th 2005 weblog: Loose coupling liberates application behavior, and this makes governance paramount, because otherwise you have anarchy ... read more

Governance, the key to SOA success

May 17th 2006 opinion: Few would argue that SOA is inevitable and has become a strategic imperative for organizations today. Those without a strategy for SOA risk being outpaced ... read more

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Is it time to build in BPM?

Jan 16th: Some vendors say business process management should be built into applications rather than bought as a separate product... more

SOA immaturity dogs early adopters

Dec 7th: The gap between vision and reality in SOA tools and best practice is putting pressure on organizations as they implement projects... more

Oracle gets on with its SOA knitting

Nov 25th: Oracle is pressing ahead with a grand plan to integrate its SOA stack, even while adding more acquisitions... more


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New glossary terms: MVC, RIA, semantics, EJB, AJAX, AON, XBRL, BI,  ...

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Why SOA Software bought Blue Titan

weblog: I happened to be visiting SOA Software in Los Angeles ten days ago. You can imagine my surprise when Blue Titan's Frank Martinez stepped out of the ... more

What will Spark ignite?

weblog: Microsoft's Michael Platt on Monday presented a model of the emerging Web 2.0 architecture at the Mix 06 show in Las Vegas. So at least the ... more

Spark and restart

weblog: I'm at Las Vegas with Microsoft discussing the future of architecture. Actually, not with Microsoft so much as a group of architects and analysts ... more

Why Progress bought Actional It looks like the market underrated Actional. Its ...

What should an SOA repository look like? It's becoming clear that a repository is an essential ...

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How Nike thinks about app development: Lots of micro services

By building composite apps on Amazon Web Services, Robey says Nike can iterate faster. Nike also ... more

Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works)

Jeff Bezos's view is pretty clear: keep investing, because to take profit out of the business ... more

In the Sharing Economy, Workers Find Both Freedom and Uncertainty

Looking at this as a new paradigm of employment ... the question is, What are you giving up?.. more

How Airbnb Solved The Mystery Of Predictive Pricing

The user's not knowing what they should charge signals the change that Airbnb represents ... ... more

Marc Andreessen and the Inevitability of Catastrophic Ideas

It's not false to say that some crumbs perforce will fall from the tables of the rich onto those ... more

Everything Is Broken

all computers are reliably this bad: the ones in hospitals and governments and banks, the ones in ... more

As IT's industrial age ends, the humanist era begins

modern business needs IT to be something much different ... The new IT problems involve people, ... more



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